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No es Luca cantando en la orquesta de Troilo.

No es Luca cantando en la orquesta de Troilo.
Es mi hermano Javier Ardanaz presentando su disco.

Alejandro y la osa en el taller. Video de la nación (viva Perón, carajo!!)

Stand de Eloísa en la feria del libro de Asunción.

Stand de Eloísa en la feria del libro de Asunción.
Vista de algunas pinturas realizadas por los niños del lugar.

Eloísa y Yiyi Jambo.

Eloísa y Yiyi Jambo.
Stand de feria del libro de Asunción.

Stand Feria de Asunción.

Stand Feria de Asunción.
Talleres de pintura y armado de libros.

Con Arami Mburucuyá.

Con Arami Mburucuyá.
En Paraguay, localidad de Luque en el fondo de la casa de Meza.

El poeta paraguayensis Edgar Pou.

El poeta paraguayensis Edgar Pou.
El poeta frente al diseño del stand en Asunción.

Eloísa en Asunción.

Eloísa en Asunción.
Foto parcial del stand compartido con Yiyi Jambo.

viernes, 22 de agosto de 2008

jueves, 21 de agosto de 2008

SIMA de Isol y Zypce / ya a la venta en tu disquería amiga

Acerca de Sima:
11 tracks
Voz: Isol
Instrumentaciones: Zypce
Letras: Isol
Música: Isol - Zypce (excepto La primera vez y Vos me llamás,
de Dani Umpi - Adrián Soiza)
Producción artística: Zypce (en Vos me llamás: Zypce -Cecinini)
Premezcla: Isol – Zypce
Mezcla: Zypce – Cecinini
Mastering: Nicolás Cecinini
Arte cd: Isol sima: sust. f. abismo, precipicio, despeñadero, profundidad.

Editado en Junio de 2008 en USA por Darla Records y en agosto 2008 en Argentina por los artistas (La Calandria discos).


21 y 28 de septiembre a las 20:30 hs

Teatro 25 de Mayo,
Av. Triunvirato 4444, Ciudad de Buenos Aires Tel: 4524-7997-
Entrada $ 15-
Algunas reseñas de SIMA en USA:
"It ' s one of the year ' s more curious CDs: a spectacular headphone album, with a richly layered world of blips and clicks. Isol and Zypce don ' t attempt to reinvent electronica on Sima. But it ' s a brilliantly crafted example of how mesmerizing and emotionally vibrant a mix of beeps and drum machines can be. It ' s the kind of album you can get blissfully lost in, drifting deep into the crackled texture of its digital landscape. It also doesn ' t hurt that singer Isol (who ' s recorded with Entre Ríos) has an enchantingly pure voice." (Robin Hilton, NPR)

SIMA en la National Public Radio (NY)
"This eleven track album features unconventional pop music that is eclectic and often strangely hypnotic. Even though the instrumentation and arrangements are decidedly offbeat, the overall flow of this album is strangely pleasant and appealing. This could be due to Isol ' s incredibly smooth and absorbing vocals. Both siblings took part in writing the music. It should be noted that, even though she has been involved in various other projects, this is the first time Isol has been involved in actually writing music. Some of these compositions bear a slight, strange resemblance to some of the more experimental music created by Lol Creme and Kevin Godley. It would be difficult to compare Sima to other twenty-first century albums because it is just...very...different. For folks who need to understand everything they hear, the lyrics are translated into English in the enclosed lyric booklet. Super imaginative and satisfying. An easy

TOP PICK. Highly recommended!
EXCELLENT +++ ". (Babysue)
"You certainly never quite know what to expect from this duo from one minute to the next, and perhaps that ' s what ' s so charming about this unique debut -
certainly one to look out for". (Barcodezine)
"Isol ' s singing is smooth and clear, murmurs and croons. Zypce ' s instrumental style is sharper, made of splinters, pianos played one key at a time, strokes from a chamber cello, a sampled Irish bagpipe in "Romance Fatal", electronic blits in "La Culpa", a windchime, a pranged string, blunted taps of wood, a splatter of crackle as rain falls on a hard surface. Together these complementary opposites make an album that is delicate and surprising”. (Popmatters)